Future Opponents: Week Eight

Auburn: Inactive
Auburn got the week to rest up and be extra healthy for when they host the Gamecocks on Saturday. They've also had an extra week to stew over losing to Mississippi State, which means the Gamecocks get to receive that extra week of anger and retribution. Hooray.
Player to Watch: Jordan Diamond, Offensive Lineman

So, just for fun, I decided to single out the biggest dude on Auburn's roster, and young master Diamond seems to fit the bill. 6'6", 318 pounds of pure beast. Granted, he's not starting on the offensive line right now, but he's there. Waiting. Watching. Eating, probably.
Next Game: vs South Carolina, Saturday, 6:30 pm ET

Tennessee 3, Ole Miss 34
So much for my "Justin Worley steps up in big games" theory. Guess that was just a one-time deal against Georgia. Did you know that Worley's sack yardage brought Tennessee down to exactly zero rushing yards? I mean, they only had 41 to begin with, but still.
Player to Watch: Matt Darr, Punter

Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gaaaaaaaaal!

Man, he can really punt! Darr averaged 45.6 yards per punt on Saturday, with a long of 55. His longest this season is 61, but I wouldn't be surprised if he surpassed that at some point this season. His leg is getting a heck of a workout this season.
Next Game: vs Alabama, Saturday, 7:30 pm ET

Florida 13, Missouri 42
The only reason Will Muschamp hasn't been fired yet is because nobody wants to get close enough to him to hand over the pink slip. They don't want to catch whatever loser disease he's carrying. The cruel irony is that it may have already infected the entire campus.
Player to Watch: Treon Harris (I guess), Quarterback

Well, he only threw one interception to Jeff Driskel's two, and he also ran for a touchdown. He's basically the lower-middle-class version of Driskel, with Driskel of course representing a halfway house. Or like, a really nice tent. No bed, though, just a sleeping bag that smells like cat pee.
Next Game: vs Georgia, Next Saturday, 3:30 pm ET

South Alabama 30, Georgia State 27
Wow, what a game! I actually got to catch a few glimpses of this one before Notre Dame-Florida State came on, and I probably would have watched more had the television production not been on the level of a 90-year-old grandfather filming a high school game on an 80s camcorder. Seriously, the level of disrespect the Sun Belt is shown is appalling. APPALLING!
Player to Watch: Brandon Bridge, Quarterback

Bridge only completed about 33% of his passes, but did throw two touchdowns, and had a crazy game on the ground, rushing for 137 yards and a touchdown on just 15 carries. Bridge is a stone cold dual threat, and at 6'5" and 235 pounds, he's not an easy guy to take down either. He might find a second life in the pros playing a different skill position.
Next Game: vs Troy, Friday, 7:30 pm ET

Clemson 17, Boston College 13
It's appropriate that a Boston team stunk it up, since I watched the movie Blown Away this weekend. Jeff Bridges doing a terrible Boston accent and Tommy Lee Jones trying to do an Irish accent? No thanks. Some good action spots in it though!
Player to Watch: Jabba the Hutt, Space Slug/Mob Boss

Chuba du porkman schutta bukee, Dabo Swinney. HO HO HO HO HO