Tater Lane

By Rixon Lane

The incomparable Tater Lane is back and ready to analyze the current state of college football through orange-tinted spectacles.

Photo by usatsi. 

Photo by usatsi. 

Cole Stoudt. Freakin’ champion.

No one should be worried about ebola spreading to Chestnut Hill. Those guys can’t catch anything.

Nothing funny about Adam Choice going down for the season with an ACL injury. Thoughts and prayers.

On a different note, saw the Shamecocks were tied with Furman in the first half. What an absolute disgrace to play such a pathetic team. How about you schedule some juggernauts like South Carolina State? Cowards.

Hate to see a great game like Florida State-Notre Dame decided because of a penalty. Especially unfortunate that Rod Gardner wasn’t even involved.

I see the AP Poll is now fully infected with SEC bias. You can’t spell “four of the top five teams in America” without “incest.”

Syracuse Orange next on the schedule. So unoriginal to have a color as your team’s nickname. Not like Tigers. Only 45 other schools thought of that one.

photo by usatsi

photo by usatsi

Sounds like Steve Spurrier is taking the head coaching job at Florida. Pretty cold-blooded of him to go take over his new defensive coordinator’s office mid-season.

Vegas says Auburn is an 18-point favorite this week. Bet they’re kicking themselves for publishing that. Always frustrating when you leave off a zero at the end of a number.