Tater Lane

By Rixon Lane

Another week, another chance for Tater Lane to dispatch his infinite wisdom on college football fans across the country. 

Two appletinis por favor! Photo by USATSI

Two appletinis por favor! Photo by USATSI

Good ol' knock-down, drag-out, physical ACC football game on Saturday for the Tigers. But of course, you won't hear about it on ESECPN. 

As usual, Clemson's defense getting no respect whatsoever. Held a 3-4 team to 170 total yards and all people want to talk about is LSU giving up 7 points to Ole Miss. Bias. 

Just need FSU to lose once and we're almost a lock for another *division title. 

Duke currently leading the ACC Coastal Division. Just imagine how dominant they'd be in the SEC East. 

Saw the box score from that Carolina-Auburn game. Apparently, Spurrier and Malzahn's visors were the two leading tacklers.

Brady Hoke apologized to Michigan State after his players put a tent stake in the field before playing the Spartans. Somehow skipped the part about apologizing for the team's play. 

Biggest upset of the weekend? Florida dominated Bye. Experts thought that one could be a toss-up.

TCU 82-27 over Texas Tech. Sounds like the Horned Frogs started Ben Roethlisberger in their fantasy football league. 

Tommy Bowden thinks that Condoleeza Rice shouldn't be on the playoff committee. Because if there's anyone who knows about what it takes to be a nation championship-caliber football team, it's Tommy Bowden.