College Football Games to Watch: Week 6

#17 Wisconsin @ Northwestern, 3:30 pm ET
This may be Tanner McEvoy's last game as quarterback for Wisconsin, since Joel Stave claims he no longer has the "yips". I'll shed tears for you, Tanny Mac.

#6 Texas A&M @ #12 Mississippi State, Noon ET
I fully expect TAMU to have -12 yards rushing and 736 yards passing in this game. Kenny Hill will reach that number within 45 completions, while Dak Prescott will continue to confound and amaze with his ability to be a really solid dual-threat quarterback.

#3 Alabama @ #11 Ole Miss, 3:30 pm ET
Dr. Bo is going to have to perform open receiver surgery if Ole Miss is going to win this one. I foresee him throwing 5 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, as well as 555 yards. He'll have a very five day.

Texas Tech @ #23 Kansas State, 7 pm ET
TRUE FROSH QB ALERT! Davis Webb is a game-time decision to start for Texas Tech, which means true frosh Patrick Mahomes could get the start against the Wildcats. I'm excited to see a little boy get sacked many times.

Arizona State @ #16 Southern California, 7:30 pm ET
I just really want to see SoCal lose every game for all eternity. I'm so sick of these pretty boys never wearing any cool jerseys, constantly having overrated quarterbacks, and being regarded as great when they're so damn boring. Anyways, Arizona State quarterback Taylor Kelly isn't 100%, so Southern Cal will probably win. Boo.

#19 Nebraska @ #10 Michigan State, 8 pm ET
This is my "passing out drunk on the couch" special for the week. I know it comes on a little early, but I think this would be a great opportunity to plop a way-too-drunk relative in front of the TV to eliminate them from the festivities. They were on the verge of saying some pretty racist stuff anyways, so it's for the best.

Navy @ Air Force, 3:30 pm ET
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