Quick Takeaways From South Carolina vs. Kentucky

By Rixon Lane

1. You shouldn't mix dark blue and chrome on your helmets.

2. 2014 Mike Davis is starting to resemble early-2013 Mike Davis.

3. Pharoh Cooper is the baddest man on the Gamecock team.

4. Shaq Roland just doesn't get it. And at this point, it's not clear if he ever will.

5. The Gamecock defense is not good enough to win any of the remaining games on the schedule. 

6. Landon Ard's Gamecock career is probably over.

7. The Wildcat formation gives South Carolina's defense all kinds of problems. Along with most every other kind of formation.

8. No two-touchdown lead is safe in a South Carolina football game.

9. Cody Gibson is not just a glorified offensive lineman.

10. The tailback depth that Gamecock fans heard so much about is finally showing up.

11. South Carolina's offense can not function with seven minutes or less in the game.

12. Shon Carson may see more playing time in the backfield.

13. Steve Spurrier's play-calling in the final minutes was atrocious.

14. Dylan Thompson keeps getting put in terrible positions and compounds them with poor decisions.

15. South Carolina is a mediocre football team.