Tater Lane

Photo by usatsi

Photo by usatsi

Steve Spurrier now has two losses against Kentucky. Dabo Swinney has none. Case closed.

Only time I was worried during Saturday's game was when DeShaun hurdled that guy on the goal line. Thought he might just ascend into quarterback heaven and never come down. 

Seriously though, Watson's the most talented freshman QB we've had since Willy Korn. And remember how many imaginary Heismans he won?

Three SEC teams ranked in the top four. Irrelevant. Only national championships matter. Nope, changed my mind...only last year's national championship matters. 

Another classless act from Nick Saban. Playing a ranked team on the road and didn't even have the decency to break his fans' hearts in overtime. Never changed Dabo.

Texas A&M stomped by Mississippi State. Further proof that those gimmick, hurry-up, no-huddle, tempo-oriented SEC offenses don't work. 

Bobby Petrino says Death Valley won't be any louder than Syracuse. Think it's time to try and break that decibel record again. No way 'Cuse scores 51 on us. 

I'm not saying folks should be worried about Petrino coming to Clemson. I'm just saying the cops that escort the buses around better not let those motorcycles out of their sights. 

Trevor Knight threw a game-clinching pick-six to give TCU an upset over Oklahoma. Don't give Katy Perry DeShaun's number.