Tater Lane

By Rixon Lane

Tater Lane is fresh off a long weekend and is here to get you ready for another great slate of college football games. 

Turtleneck: Check. Crew neck sweatshirt: Check. Ballcap: Oh baby!

Turtleneck: Check. Crew neck sweatshirt: Check. Ballcap: Oh baby!

Have you seen that dominant Clemson defense? Best in the country. Just imagine how good they’ll look when they actually face a real offense.

Wake Forest hadn’t score 20 points on any ACC team all season. Brent Venables is defensive genius and has a compassionate side. You’re welcome, Deacons.

Congrats to the Gamecocks for making it one whole week without blowing a fourth quarter lead. That defense is really turning the corner.

Who will throw what more on Saturday? Treon Harris/football or Steve Spurrier/visor?

Did Urban Meyer at least share his recipe for tear-stained pizza with Mark Dantonio?

Pretty sure that “Alabama kicker makes clutch field goal” is listed in the book of Revelations.

DeShaun Watson should be back this Saturday. It’s like Christmas morning, if you spent the weeks leading up to Christmas pretending to like the present that you already had.

Todd Gurley is coming back this weekend just so he can get Nick Chubb’s autograph.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all the brave men and women who have helped keep America in the playoff hunt for 238 years.