Future Opponents: THE FINAL TWO

So it's come down to this. Two opponents left for South Carolina, and they couldn't be in more different positions. South Alabama is a plucky Sun Belt team, looking for recognition and respect in the FBS. It's harder than ever for teams in the lesser conferences to rise in college football, but South Alabama has found degrees of success, albeit without much consistency.

The other opponent left for the Gamecocks is, of course, Clemson. Clemmy is coming off a hilarious loss to Georgia Tech, and are without their stud frosh Deshaun Watson for the rest of the year. Clemson has put together a lot of wins this season, but none against any truly impressive opponents. That's what you get for hiding in the ACC. You can win all the games in the world, but in the end, they are but dust in the wind. The remarkably mediocre wind.

South Alabama 24, Texas State 20
Yes! The Jags are bowl-eligible! It's the best any Sun Belt team could hope for. South Alabama manages to survive without injured starting QB Brandon Bridge, with Terrence "Don't Call Me Timid" Timmons running for the go-ahead touchdown early in the fourth quarter. Bless these Jaguars, they try so dang hard, and once in a while, it pays off.
Player to Watch: Hunter Vaughn, Quarterback

Since I couldn't find a good picture of young master Vaughn, I decided to post this tweet from Brandon Bridge, showing love to his backup. I love it when starters are tight with their backups, especially QBs. I like to imagine them hanging out and watching the same shows, ordering pizzas, and watching game tape together. They're bros, and I love it. (Also, Brandon is from Canada, which explains why he's so nice.)

Clemson 6, Georgia Tech 28
Oh come now, don't act surprised, Clemson fans. You've suffered from Florida State disease all season: stink it up in the first half, then hope the other team gets overly excited and blows it. It's worked for the most part, but not when you're facing an actually decent team in Georgia Tech (nine wins!) and not when Cole Stoudt is your quarterback. Hashtag sorry not sorry, Clemmy.
Player to Watch: This crying Clemson fan!

This video came after a different loss to Georgia Tech, this time in 2009, but I'm sure his was openly weeping into his bucket of chicken.