Kickin' Curse: Gamecock Opponents and Field Goal Woes

By Rixon Lane

Everyone remembers the blocked kick against Florida that turned the momentum in Saturday’s game.

But what you might not have known is that South Carolina has been tormenting opposing kickers all season long.

South Carolina’s opponents have missed nine out of 22 field goal attempts this season. Here’s a breakdown of those kickers who missed against the Gamecocks:


Kicker                             Team                     FGA/FGM           Misses vs. South Carolina

Warren Harvey               East Carolina        9/16                       1

Marshall Morgan             Georgia                10/13                      2

Tommy Openshaw         Vanderbilt            7/9                         1

Andrew Baggett             Missouri               11/16                       1

Hunter Townes                Furman               1/3                         1

Aaron Medley                 Tennessee           16/22                      2

Frankie Velez                  Florida                12/14                       1

Staff Photo by Paul Collins: The Gamecocks have had a lot of misses to celebrate this year.

Staff Photo by Paul Collins: The Gamecocks have had a lot of misses to celebrate this year.

A few things stand out about these numbers:

-An opponent has missed a kick in all five of South Carolina’s wins. If you see South Alabama going for it on fourth down in Gamecock territory, now you know why.

-Two of Marshall Morgan’s three misses this year came against the Gamecocks. After he set the SEC record for consecutive made field goals. Seriously, how did South Carolina beat Georgia?

-Tommy Openshaw and Frankie Velez have missed two kicks against South Carolina and two in their other 17 combined games. Both were blocked.

-The curse extends to backup kickers. Jon Croft Hollingsworth, Furman’s starting kicker, wasn’t given a chance against the Gamecocks.

-No team this season has attempted multiple field goals against the Gamecocks without missing at least one. Texas A&M and Kentucky both went 1-for-1 and Auburn never attempted a field goal.

So, if the Jaguars or Tigers trot out their kickers over the next two weekends, don’t look away.

The fate of the game might be sailing towards the goalposts.