Top 10 Plays from the Streak: No. 10

This week I'll be posting my favorite plays/moments from USC's five game winning streak over Clemson. #10 on the list might not appear to be the sexiest pick, but it sure carried a lot of weight in what was another impressive Gamecocks' victory. 

10. Dylan Thompson 3rd-and-19 (2012)

I'm sure there were some nervous Gamecocks fans when it was announced that Connor Shaw would not start vs. Clemson in 2012. Sure, Dylan Thompson looked good against ECU, but this was a "whole new ballgame."

What followed was as embarrassing of a beatdown as any game in The Streak. Jadeveon Clowney had 4.5 sacks (more on him later in this list), Bruce Ellington had two TDs, and oh yeah, USC won the game convincingly without its starting QB or RB.

Although the game offered plenty of excitement, a harmless 3rd-and-19 is what really broke the Clemson spirit this time around. Only a couple plays later, Thompson hits Ellington in the endzone to make it 27-17.