Top 10 Plays from the Streak: No. 9

This week I'll be posting my favorite plays/moments from USC's five game winning streak over Clemson. Number 9 on the list is my favorite kind of play from one of my favorite Gamecock greats.

9. Antonio Allen Pick 6 (2010)

I'm a sucker for a pick 6, as well as Antonio Allen. This one came in 2010, once again the setting is Clemson's version of Death Valley. 

I don't have much analysis to offer of the actual play, but I will say that few things can crush an opponent like a defensive score. Watching this over and over and over and over again really makes me miss #26, and I hope the Jets don't do to him what they do to most of their players (make them terrible).

The 2014 defense has some momentum for the first time all season, can they score in consecutive games?

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