Top 10 Plays from the Streak: No. 7

This week I'll be posting my favorite plays/moments from USC's five game winning streak over Clemson. Number 7 on the list is another play from 2012, but this time Dylan Thompson gets a little help from his #1 receiver.

7. Ace Sanders TD Reception (2013)

Dylan Thompson played the game of his life up to that point in USC's 27-17 victory over Clemson in 2012, but he had some help along the way.

Ace Sanders was such an electric player in his time at USC, but especially his junior season. When he wasn't making punt coverage teams look ridiculous, he was a pretty shifty receiver  in his own right. This play demonstrates that as well as Clemson's inability to have an answer for anything on Steve Spurrier's mind. Here he is, all 5'7" of him, up against three defenders and still manages to make them all look terrible.

That's why they call him Ace Sanders: Catch Detective (ok, one person called him that, once)

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