Top 10 Plays from the Streak: No. 5

This week I'll be posting my favorite plays/moments from USC's five game winning streak over Clemson. Number 5 on the list is everything I hope for in a contact sport: a clean, brutally hard hit.

5. D.J. Swearinger's Hit on Andre Ellington (2012)

Dadgum! I can watch that all day. I've seen/heard more than a few people call D.J. Swearinger a "thug," and this play does not exactly help his cause to some folk.

But me? I think it sums him up as a football player as good as anything out there (with the exception of this sequence). For those who like the hit but not "The Flex," remember that this drive ended with a Brison Williams interception

Sure, D.J. had his fair share of personal fouls, but he could get away with it because he did nearly everything else the right way. Stay gold, JungleBoi. 

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