Top 10 Plays from the Streak: No. 6

This week I'll be posting my favorite plays/moments from USC's five game winning streak over Clemson. Number 6 isn't just one play, so ignore my cheating and simply embrace the other #21 doing his thang.

6. DeVonte Holloman INTs (2009-2012)

Few things bum me out as much as what's happened to DeVonte Holloman this year. He will always be one of my favorite players I've ever watched, college or pro. Despite the way his career came to a sudden end, his transformation from a rangy, true freshman safety to a beastly NFL linebacker was as incredible as it was terrifying. 

What makes him my favorite player was his knack for the big play, especially against Clemson. The former Tommy Bowden commit really seemed to step his game up when playing the Tigers, picking off a pass in three of his four Palmetto Bowl games.

I'm sure he'd rather be on the field instead of USC's sidelines, but he'll always be remembered as a Tiger killer. 

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