Future Opponents: Week Ten

Florida 38, Georgia 20
Hey, there was nowhere for Florida to go but up after they were demolished by Missouri two weeks ago. They completely abandoned the weakest part of their offense (any and all passing), and replaced it with simply running the ball very often, and with a ridiculous amount of success. Maybe it's a fluke, or maybe Will Muschamp is failing upwards. Just like Lane Kiffin!
Player to Watch: Matt Jones, Running Back

A lot of praised was heaped on Kelvin Taylor for having a "breakthrough" game after rushing for 195 yards and two touchdowns on 25 carries. Neglected is Matt Jones, who ran for 192 yards and two touchdowns on 25 carries. What makes it doubly unfair is the fact that he's been the far more consistent back this season, rushing for over a hundred yards twice prior to Saturday's game, and is definitely the kind of back who gets better and better as the game goes on and he gets more carries. If Will Muschamp is smart, and he's not, he'll keep Matt Jones as his lead workhorse back.
Next Game: @ Vanderbilt, Saturday, 7:30 pm ET

South Alabama 9, Louisiana-Lafayette 19
South Alabama's kicker missed the extra point on their only touchdown of the game. It was that kind of night for the Jags, and while their hopes for a Sun Belt conference championship have died, they're still very much in the hunt for a bowl game. Just one or two more wins and they could be off to the, uh... Camellia Bowl? It's one of those new bowls, and the third-place Sun Belt team gets an automatic bid. Ooh, how about the GoDaddy Bowl! There's gonna be a bunch a babes there. BABES FOR SOUTH BAMA BOYS!
Player to Watch: Shavarez Smith, Wide Receiver

One of the things about South Alabama that has hurt their ability to succeed this season is a lack of any game-to-game consistency from its players, especially when it comes to major playmaking. Smith is working hard to break that trend, having his second 100-yard-plus game of the season, and his fourth where he's had 60 yards receiving or more. It doesn't sound like much, but against their level of competition, South Alabama could use a lot more of these performances from Smith.

Clemson: Inactive
If Clemson was a type of wing sauce, it'd be two-month old zesty italian salad dressing that had been sitting outside the entire time. If Clemson was a type of cereal, it would be a box of used cotton balls that had been used to clean several severe burn wounds. If Clemson was a football team, they'd still be Clemson.
Player to Watch: Landslide, Fictional Comedian from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Next Game: @ Wake Forest, Thursday, 7:30 pm ET