21 Reminders That Marcus Lattimore Was A Beast

By Rixon Lane

There has been a lot of speculation this week about the football future of one of South Carolina's greatest players. 

Whether Marcus Lattimore ever plays another down of organized football or not, there is no denying the impact he made on the Gamecock program.

In case you have somehow forgotten exactly how good he was, here are 21 reminders. 

3-yard TD vs. Southern Miss (2010)

Lattimore begins one of the most incredible careers in Gamecock history with a touchdown in the season opener against Southern Miss. 

Georgia Highlights (2010)

If you look up the term "unstoppable" in the dictionary, it will direct you to Lattimore's highlight tape from this game. 

Alabama Highlights (2010)

Lattimore helps the Gamecocks score their first ever upset over a top-ranked team by accumulating 109 total yards and three touchdowns on 25 touches. 

Florida Highlights (2010)

Simply put, this was one of the greatest single-game performances in the history of South Carolina football. 

21-yard TD vs. Florida (2010)

Lattimore's 13th TD of 2010 gives South Carolina a two-touchdown lead in the SEC Eastern championship game, as Florida fans can only shake their heads in disbelief.


11-yard TD vs. Florida (2010)

Up 29-14 late in the fourth quarter, Lattimore is taken off the field for an ovation, then comes back on to put an exclamation point on South Carolina's first ever SEC East crown. 

How South Carolina Landed Marcus Lattimore

Who knew that the cha-cha slide would become such an important part of South Carolina's football history?

East Carolina Highlights (2011)

The Pirates jumped out to a 17-0 lead, but Lattimore and the Gamecocks stormed back. ECU couldn't stop #21 after halftime, as he scored three touchdowns. 

Georgia Highlights (2011)

In a shootout between the hedges, Lattimore helped the Gamecocks pick up their second consecutive win over the Bulldogs. 

52-yard TD vs. Vanderbilt (2011)

On a night where South Carolina's offense struggled mightily, Lattimore gives the Gamecocks the lead going into halftime with a screen pass house call. 

6-yard TD vs. Navy (2011)

Vintage Lattimore touchdown run: inside the 10, about four different defenders have a shot at bringing him down, and he still finds the end zone. 

15-yard TD vs. Auburn (2011)

It was not a particularly memorable day for the Gamecocks, but Lattimore went into absolute beast mode on this touchdown against the Tigers. 

4-yard TD vs. Mississippi State (2011)

Lattimore ties the game in the first half with a great cut at the goal line. Slow motion allows us to see how #21 did things that the human body probably shouldn't have been able to do.

Vanderbilt Highlights (2012)

The night started off slowly for Lattimore, but he quickly reminded everyone why he was touted as one of the best tailbacks in America. 

29-yard TD vs. Vanderbilt (2012)

After missing the end of the 2011 season with an injury, Lattimore makes his return to the field against Vanderbilt, showing off his speed, agility, and strength with his first score of the season.

6-yard TD vs. East Carolina (2012)

Lattimore initiates the rout of the Pirates by tying the school's all-time touchdown leaders, George Rogers and Harold Green. Shout out to ESPN for crediting Nick Jones with the TD. 

3-yard TD vs. UAB (2012)

Lattimore plunges over the goal line against the Blazers to become the all-time touchdown leader in South Carolina football history. 

Missouri Highlights (2012)

Lattimore helped welcome Missouri to the SEC with a two-touchdown performance that gave him the school record for rushing touchdowns in a career. 

Kentucky Highlights (2012)

Lattimore didn't get a chance to finish the game at Kentucky in 2010, but he was back with a vengeance in 2012.

LSU Highlights (2012)

The Gamecocks didn't come out of Baton Rouge with a win, but this game gave us one of the most underrated touchdown runs of Lattimore's career. Absolutely amazing. 

26-yard TD vs. Tennessee (2012)

The final collegiate touchdown for the man who found the end zone more times than any other Gamecock football player.