Tater Lane

By Rixon Lane

Tater Lane is back and better than ever as he breaks down the weekend that was in college football.

South Carolina's that marathon runner with a 200-foot lead who trips over a pebble four feet from the finish line. 

The last time I saw Volunteers running that much in South Carolina, the British were winning the Battle of Camden.

Clemson goes to Wake Forest this Thursday to play the Demon Deacons. Not too worried about this one. Those sort of deacons don't tend to have much success in the Bible Belt. 

100% chance that one of Spurrier's grandkids asks him to sing Taylor Swift at the next birthday party. 

If we're coming up with song titles to describe the season for the Coots, how about "Pompeii"?

Folks getting mad at Mark Richt just because the man is trying to keep people out of the unemployment line. I wrote him in for governor yesterday.

Guessing that Lorenzo Ward and Vincent Sheheen will both be equally relevant in about a month.

Shamecocks with a bye week. They better hope it ends 15 minutes early or they'll lose that one, too. 

I don't need to write anything else. You guys watched it.