Tweet Predeect: 20 CFB Previews in 140 characters or less

#12 Baylor @ #15 Oklahoma, Noon: Bryce Petty and his back brace look to get back in the playoff picture. Oklahoma's Trevor Knight simply wants Katy Perry's number.

#20 Georgia @ Kentucky, Noon: Georgia is still ranked? That shows you how desperate the playoff committee is to have more SEC teams. This is a battle for 2nd in the East.

#25 Wisconsin @ Purdue, Noon: If Purdue was a punching bag, it'd have fallen off it's chain already, and have stuffing ripped out from every side. Melvin Gordon: DESTROY!

Louisiana Tech @ UAB, Noon: The Blazers program is rumored to get shut down in 2016. If you can't win in Conference USA, though, you don't deserve to have football.

Penn State @ Indiana, Noon: Two bad teams keep getting worse. Remember though, Indiana > Missouri > South Carolina > Georgia > Tennessee > South Caroli- wait a minute.

#22 Duke @ Syracuse, 12:30 pm: Here's hoping Duke wins out so they bring some momentum against Florida State in the ACC championship game. Don't ruin this, Syracuse.

South Alabama @ Arkansas State: Future opponent watch! The Jaguars take on one of the worst-tasting beers of all time, the Red Wolves. Still better-tasting than Red Dog.

Texas A&M @ #3 Auburn, 3 pm: Remember when we thought Texas A&M was awesome because they beat USC, Arkansas and a bunch of crappy Texas teams by throwing the ball a lot?

#10 Notre Dame @ #9 Arizona State, 3:30 pm: The Pac-12 South race is heating up, and Arizona State is in the lead. Both teams have the playoff in sight, and it's going to be a QB duel.

#23 West Virginia @ Texas, 3:30 pm: West Virginia is coming off a heartbreaker against TCU, so they're going to make Texas their whipping boy. I never thought I'd type that.

Tennessee-Martin @ #1 Mississippi State, 4 pm: Murder must be legal in the state of Mississippi, because that's all we're going to see here. At least have the heart to give UTM a funeral.

Washington State @ Oregon State, 4 pm: It's a little early for these two teams to play? I thought this would've been broadcast for all the goth kids to watch at Denny's at 2 am.

Virginia @ #2 Florida State, 6:30 pm: UVA is another team we thought was good because they ALMOST beat a good team (UCLA). But they're from the ACC and they're not FSU, so there.

#18 UCLA @ Washington, 7 pm: The good news for Brett Hundley is that he's still a Junior, so he has a whole other year to get everybody's hopes up over a Heisman run.

Marshall @ Southern Mississippi, 7 pm: How is undefeated Marshall still not ranked? Probably because they keep whoopin' teams like Southern Miss, instead of anybody decent.

#7 Kansas State @ #6 TCU, 7:30 pm: I hope you like purple, because these teams got it in spades. Oh, and they're both in the race to win the Big 12, so this might get chippy.

Florida @ Vanderbilt, 7:30 pm: Oh god please no. No more. I don't want this. Nobody wants this. Can't I just have my intestines ripped out with a butter knife instead?

#5 Alabama @ #16 LSU, 8 pm: The only team to survive Death Valley this season is MSU and that's when LSU was still bad. Bama NEEDS to win this, & you BETTER watch this.

#14 Ohio State @ #8 Michigan State, 8 pm: 2 surprisingly high-scoring teams facing off in a Big 10 shootout. I didn't even know the Big 10 could have shootouts, just trench warfare.

#4 Oregon @ #17 Utah, 10 pm: A passed-out-on-the-couch game for the ages. Personally, I'll be watching Interstellar on IMAX when this game starts. Tell me how it ends.