Future Opponents: Week 11

Florida 34, Vanderbilt 10
Florida has a win streak. FLORIDA HAS A WIN STREAK. Treon Harris was allowed to throw again, completing 13 of 21 passes for 213 yards without a touchdown or interception. Since you're all curious about the output of Florida's run game, they cumulatively rushed for 214 yards. Jeff Driskel even ran for a touchdown! Glad to see he's not hanging from a belt in his parents' garage.
Player to Watch: Treon Harris, Quarterback

Harris is starting to find the level of confidence in his game that Jeff Driskel never could, primarily because Florida's offense is actually scoring points thanks to him. While Harris didn't pass for any touchdowns, he ran the ball ten times for 49 yards and two touchdowns, making sure his presence is felt, and that he wasn't forgotten like last week's game against Georgia.
Next Game: vs. South Carolina, Saturday, Noon ET

South Alabama 10, Arkansas State 45
Clearly, the Jaguars have a ways to go before reaching the powerhouse status of an Arkansas State. I mean, the talent level at the top of the Sun Belt is so strong, it could take years before South Alabama become truly competitive in the most elite conference in the nation. Or maybe they'll be Sun Belt champs next year. Anything can happen in college football, etcetera.
Player to Watch: Brandon McKee, Punter

The dude had a 58-yard punt. That's some nice puntin' there, boy.
Next Game: vs. Texas State, Saturday, 7:30 pm ET

Clemson 34, Wake Forest 20
I just saw Interstellar yesterday, and I gotta say, it totally blew me away. The dystopian Earth the film hypothesized is exactly the kind of planet Dabo Swinney would have you live on. Probably. Also, Matt Damon's in it. He wasn't even in the trailer! It was a nice surprise.
Player to Watch: Philadelphia "Phil" Collins, Owner and Proprietor of Dirty Burger

Whatever you do, don't look at his gut.