5 Major Teams that had a More Disappointing Regular Season than South Carolina

Texas A&M
Regular Season Record: 7-5
Is Texas A&M a team that Gamecock fans can pity? After all, it was a loss to them that many believe started the spiral that was the 2014 campaign. Say what you will, though, the Aggies were a fun team to watch when they were playing other teams, at least in the beginning. Kenny Hill was throwing for all the yards and all the touchdowns, the Ags were ranked sixth, and it looked like TAMU was going to be an exciting team to watch. Then they played good teams (and Missouri), and it all came tumbling down. Much like the Gamecocks, though, there is promise for the future in a few core players. 

Notre Dame
Regular Season Record: 7-5
The Fightin' Irish won their first six games in a row, toppling such giants as Rice, Purdue, Syracuse, North Carolina, 2014 Michigan and 2014 Stanford. The combined record of these teams? 31-41. Would you believe me if I told you the team with the best record of that bunch was Rice? The Irish proceeded to drop five of their last six, which doesn't seem like that many when you count how many turnovers Everett Golson was responsible for (hint: A LOT). The Irish are still a team just two years removed from an undefeated season and a National Championship appearance, but it feels like Brian Kelly's days are already numbered.

Texas Tech
Regular Season Record: 4-8
We were all so blinded by how handsome Kliff Kingsbury is/was, that we didn't even see the actual quality of the team he was coaching right before our eyes. Turns out they're not very good. The tears of Daryl Sabara-lookalike Davis Webb were not enough to carry TTU to a winning season, but don't cry Red Raider fans. Your team was fourth in the nation in passing yards, and you can't do much worse than 126th in points against. Just stare into the eyes of ol' football coach Ryan Gosling, and take yourselves away to a magical place.

Penn State
Regular Season Record: 6-6
The wound of losing of Bill O'Brien was supposed to be soothed by the hiring of James Franklin, the man who (briefly) turned Vanderbilt into a respectable team. But then Christian Hackenberg became the Dr. Bo Wallace of the Rust Belt , and Penn State ran into the buzzsaw that was... Northwestern? Michigan? Maryland? ILLINOIS?! Wow, these guys are terrible! I knew they had some missteps but this is ridiculous. Trust me, I grew up in Chicago, and if your team lost to BOTH Northwestern and Illinois, you have issues at the very core of the team that need to be handled. Handle your business, James Franklin.

Regular Season Record: 5-7
Hey, when you have a player who's limping around on your sideline with a possible concussion, after being hit and sacked again and again, you gotta do whatever it takes to keep him in the game. Brady Hoke knew this, and Stephen Morris will thank him for it someday. Maybe we should have seen this coming. Devin Gardner was still the quarterback of this team, after all. And hey, now that Brady Hoke is sure to be fired, maybe this means Michigan can find a coach to bring the team back to glory, just like the previous 3 coaches were supposed to! Ah, Big Blue football. Never stop being insufferable.