Top 10 Plays from the Streak: No. 1

Well, thanks to the absolutely ridiculous traffic flow up at Clemson, I was late to the game and therefore couldn't post this. As awful as Saturday's performance was, it still doesn't change what my number one play from the Streak was...

1. Stephon Gilmore deep pass to Alshon Jeffery (2009)

This might not seem like too big of a play to some people, but this play put things into motion that lasted five years. I'll always credit Stephon Gilmore as the guy that started the turnaround, that, made it "cool" to go to USC. Without him, maybe Carolina doesn't get Alshon Jeffery, Marcus Lattimore, Jadeveon Clowney, etc. 

It only took was one series for Gilmore to make his mark, the dude was just a winner.  

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