Defensive Coaches South Carolina Won't Be Hiring

By Rixon Lane

While there are currently no positions open on South Carolina's defensive staff, that hasn't stopped speculation about who the Gamecocks may bring on board for 2015. 

Names like Will Muschamp, Bo Pelini, and Ellis Johnson have been tossed around, but what's the fun in talking about practical choices?

Here's a quick list of coaches that South Carolina will absolutely not be hiring this offseason.

Manny Diaz: Oversaw the worst defense in college football this season, as his Louisiana Tech unit allowed 526 yards per game. 

Jesse Minter: His Georgia State defense forced eight turnovers in 12 games.

Buddy Green: One of only two defenses in the country with fewer tackles for loss than the Gamecocks, Green's Navy defense made 37 TFLs this year.

Larry Coyer: New Mexico State had five sacks this season. Clemson had five on Saturday. 

Lane Kiffin: He has no defensive coaching experience, but it's good to just go ahead and get it out there. 

Rex Ryan: His son plays for Clemson, so it's highly unlikely he'd come work for the Tigers' rival.

Brent Venables: But the Gamecocks are still going to see plenty of him if he winds up in College Station. 

John Chavis: A Dillon native, fans have often longed for Chavis to come home. Not going to happen.

Kevin Steele: Yes, he's a member of the Alabama coaching staff. But 70. 

Joe Lee Dunn: There's no way he'd leave his cushy job as defensive coordinator of the McMurray University War Hawks to come back to the SEC…right?