'Twas the Week of the Bowl Game

By: Rixon Lane

Twas the week
of the bowl game
And all cross the land
There was not excitement
From most Gamecock fans

A season of promise
Had gone quite awry
And losses
Had piled up
Six stadiums high

Opponents had jeered
Laughed, hooted, and cackled
When watching poor Gamecocks
Attempting to tackle

And instead of the playoff
Where they'd loudly be cheered
The Gamecocks were bound
For a bowl known for beards

The holidays would be
Spent on the Bayou
Without Mssr. Roland
Who'd be going D-2

The brave fans had traveled
For the game with Miami
Enjoying each other
And cursing at Whammy

When on Christmas Eve
As they slept in motels
Gamecock fans 
Were put under
A wondrous spell

Through the air
They soared 
Happy and free
And landed at a pub
Called "The Ol' HBC"

They entered the bar
And were quite relieved
To see pouring the drinks
Was none other than Steve

"Coach," they all cried
"What's good at this place?"
He handed each a menu
With a smirk
On his face

The Pharoh
The Dylan
The Damiere Speed-Sweeper
The B-Wilds
The Governor
The Swamp QB Keeper

He poured each a drink
Then wiped down the bar
As fans guzzled them down
'Neath the twinkling stars

"Now I can't deny
That this year
Has been rough
Losing games
And recruits and all of that stuff

No Clowney 
Or Victor
No Bruce on 3rd downs
No Connor
(Let him start, Browns!)

But let's not forget 
'Bout the good times 
This season
Like that pass thrown to Dylan
For no earthly reason

My visor was spiffy
All black for the haters
And I looked
Like a boss
When we beat those darn Gators"

"But Steve,"
The fans clamored
As they downed 
Their cold brews
"After all of the winning
We don't want you to lose"

"This is who we are
I'm sorry
To say
We're just a 6-6 team
But, anyway

We do have a chance
To ease some
Of your pains
With a nice bowl win
Over the ACC's 'Canes"

He adjusted his visor
And opened a Sprite
He sipped at it slowly
His pinky upright

He thought back to past seasons
To losses and wins
And he said to the fans
With a wise, knowing grin

"I know that the season
Has been such a bummer
But there's b-ball this winter
And baseball this summer

And before you all know it
Football will be back
There'll be passes and pitches
You'll hear the pads crack

And I can't guarantee
What next season will bring
You might see an improvement
You might see the same thing

But you'll see it together
In ol' Williams-Brice
And that is what makes
Football season
So nice

It isn't the wins
Or the losses or scores
It's the people we're with
They mean oh so
Much more

So remember
Your friends
And your families, too
For they make 
This great sport
Fun for 
Each one of you"

"As for me," he chuckled
As he waved them goodbye
"Give me just two more years
No, wait, I meant five!"