A Guide to Gamecock New Year's Resolutions

By Rixon Lane

As 2015 draws closer and closer, folks around the world are scrambling to come up with their resolutions for the new year. 

While it would be easy to come up with things we both know you're never going to keep (exercising three times a week, cutting back on fast food, reading more), we here at Gamecock Cereal believe you can do better. 

Here are some simple resolutions to ensure you have a better 2015 with your Gamecocks. 


I (insert name here) hereby make the following resolutions for the year 2015: 

1. When preparing to criticize collegiate athletes, either online or with company, I will remember that I am referencing 18-22 year olds and will make a sincere effort to recall what I was like as an 18-22 year old.

2. If I feel the urge to suggest, either quietly or loudly, a change in football strategy, I will first make sure that I am able to adequately describe said strategy.

3. When singing the final two lines of the alma mater, I will cup my right hand, as if holding a glass, and extend it. I will not extend an open palm, a fist, or any other variation of my hand. 

4. I will make an honest effort to refrain from posting anything on social media that is likely to embarrass me or my future offspring in the years to come.

5. I will continue to visit Gamecock Central and Gamecock Cereal every chance I get and will encourage fellow Gamecock enthusiasts to visit both at every conceivable opportunity.