Tweet Predeect: College Football Previews in 140 Characters or Less

UCF @ East Carolina, Thursday, 7:30 pm: A rivalry so heated it has its own page on Wikipedia. They've faced each other in 13 games over 23 years. I'm older than this AAC rivalry.

Northern Illinois -N- Bowling Green, Friday, 7 pm (MAC Championship): A team from Northern Illinois takes on a team from Northern Ohio. It doesn't get much whiter than this. This is Alaska in February levels of white.

#7 Arizona -N- #2 Oregon, Friday, 9 pm (Pac-12 Championship): Finally, Rich Rod has a chance to ascend to the top once again. And just in time to take the job at Michigan! Wait... this seems familiar.

Iowa State @ #3 TCU, Saturday, Noon: TCU gets to practice for the CFP by ripping ISU to shreds. The game's on ABC, so this will be the highest ratings ISU has had all season!

Louisiana Tech @ Marshall, Saturday, Noon: Marshall is playing this for fun. Their perfect season was spoiled, so what's the point? Who are we? What's the meaning of life? LTU knows.

Houston @ Cincinnati, Saturday, Noon: This would make for an ugly NFL game, and it'll be no different here. If Cincinnati wins, they get a piece of the AAC title pie. Yay?

SMU @ Connecticut, Saturday, Noon: SMU hasn't won a game all season, so either you get to see them complete a winless season, or erupt with joy at their only win. Go Mustangs!

Oklahoma State @ #20 Oklahoma, Saturday, 3:30 pm: Mike Gundy, inexplicably, is in the running for the Michigan head coaching job. Right next to Greg Schiano, of course. The bar is not high.

#1 Alabama -N- #16 Missouri, Saturday, 4 pm (SEC Championship): Mizzou's defense is all set to take on Bama for the SEC Title. Mizzou's offense is high on shrooms making out with Maty Mauk at Burning Man.

Temple @ Tulane, Saturday, 7:30 pm: Wow, Temple and Tulane, huh? Boy, I'd really love to stay and watch this game but I, uh, have to go. Fix. Tomatoes. Or something OKAY BYE!

#9 Kansas State @ #6 Baylor, Saturday, 7:45 pm: Why is this game taking place? Both of these teams are happily ranked where they are, and it's not like they're rivals or anything. So dumb.

#4 Florida State -N- #11 Georgia Tech, Saturday, 8 pm (ACC Championship): This season has turned me into quite a Georgia Tech fan, and into a Florida State hater. I still don't know why GT's mascot is a car though.

#13 Wisconsin @ #5 Ohio State, Saturday, 8:17 pm (Big Ten Championship): Weird kickoff time. Is this the exact moment the moon is in line with Neptune so Urban Meyer can ascend to immortality and conquer Earth?

Fresno State @ #22 Boise State, Saturday, 10 pm (MWC Championship): Once again, the MWC overestimates my desire to stay up late watching Boise State and Fresno State. Every freakin' year.