This, that and the other: An island of misfit quotes

By Avery Wilks

Some quotes just don't fit, no matter how hard we try to work them into our stories. That's why, starting today, we're taking some of our favorite leftover quotes and occasionally making them available to you in a blog post.

Here are a few I've saved over the past couple of weeks.

Shaq Roland (most of these were left out of this story)

On his offseason work ethic:

"I'm just going to come in and stay focused day in and day out on and off the practice field. Going hard in the film room - mentally and physically, that's what it takes to be a great receiver in the SEC."

On being left off preseason All-SEC teams:

"That's good; that's good. I was glad they didn't mention me. I like proving people wrong. They leave me out; it's cool. I think that's good."


Jordan Diggs (these were left out of this story)

On his beard:

"It's just something that's for me, I guess. My beard, it grows really fast, and it's thick and full. So when it I cut it off, it'll be coming right back. I kind of just try to keep it neat and just go with it."

On the fact that, though Spurrier doesn't have a beard rule, he doesn't plan to grow his beard out like ZZ Top:

"I don't think I'd grow it out that long because I like to eat, and food would probably be all in my beard. I'm just kind of having fun with it and letting it grow right now."

On his relationship with the other linebackers:

"It's like a real big brotherhood in our meeting room and the linebackers group. Everybody's close because we kind of all grew up together."


Nick Jones (left out of this story)

On what it's like to catch passes from Dylan Thompson as opposed to Connor Shaw:

"Dylan, he throws the ball with a lot more pop on it, and you've got to be ready. When you get out of your break, you better have your head turned around because it's coming."


T.J. Gurley (left out of this story)

On how the freshman cornerbacks are doing in fall camp:

"They're coming to meeting focused and listening and writing everything down. They're going to be really good."


Kirk Botkin (mostly left out of this story)

On the competition for starting jobs at linebacker:

"We've got great competition at every position, and that brings out the best in some of the football players."

On whether they've begun to think about Texas A&M's high-powered offense:

"Right now, we're just worried about us. We're just worried about our kids, making sure they do right, making them line up right. If we can handle ourselves, I think a lot of stuff will take care of itself.

On how his linebackers look so far in preseason practice:

"They're all doing a good job, and they're all not doing a good job," Botkin said. "It's kind of up and down right now, and that's kind of the way it is when you first start practices."

On the preseason in general:

"There's no perfect football players right now, and they're trying to get better," Botkin said.


Spurrier Jr. (left out of this story)

On K.J. Brent:

"I think he's ready to go play. He's kind of waited his turn and been patient, but he's hustling, worked hard."

On Shamier Jeffery:

"He's done well. He's hustled in camp. He's fighting for his opportunity. And he knows when he gets it, he's got to do well."