USC Twitter Roundup

A scant two weeks are left until the Gamecocks kick off their season against Texas A&M, yet you feel like you aren’t familiar with any of the players! How was their summer? Have they changed at all? Well, what better way to sneak a peek into their lives than with Twitter!

No one doubts Mike Davis’ amazing ability to run the ball. Now, let there be no doubt that he can speak to food as well!

During the offseason, every player is looking for ways to pick up some extra cash. And like most kids, they turn to the second-oldest profession in history: landscaping! But as with every job, practice makes perfect.

I’m vehemently anti-miming, but I admire their commitment to learning the field.

There’s a lot of people who want to know what’s going on in Sharrod Golightly’s mind. He’s set to take a pretty big role on defense this year, and the hope is that his head is in the game. For just one brief tweet, Sharrod gave us a glimpse into his thoughts.

Phew! Well I’m glad Sharrod thinks about being great as often as I think about him being great. I only hope he can keep that promise.

I don’t think my heart can take another broken promise. Even though Twitter is not an audio-based medium, I think it’s really nice of Kaiwan Lewis to offer his tweets in sign language for the hard-of-hearing.

Actually, I think Kaiwan might want to teach Gamecock commit Damon Arnette some of that 
twitter sign language.

“Done with the childish happy poop cross arms peace”? Just what are they teaching our 
children in high school these days?!

G.A. Mangus loves golf. Like, a lot. I’ve never heard any golf player referred to as a “playa” 
before, so you know his love is true to the streets.

If anything is truly “fabulous,” it’s G.A.’s tweets.

Finally, we leave you with a beautiful shot of Williams-Brice Stadium. God, isn’t it gorgeous? You 
can really notice the attention to detail in the field and… hey wait, who is that on the field?

Oh hey, it’s Kadetrix Marcus! Hey Kadetrix! KADETRIX! Ah, he can’t hear me. Whatever, Josh, Lance, and I are gonna meet up with him and Shamier Jeffery later at this party.

I wonder if I’m tight enough with Shamier to give him the nickname “Shamwow”? If I start calling 
him Shamwow, will any of you start doing it too? C’mon, it’s cool!

Forget it, you guys are nerds.