5 (Somewhat) Burning Questions

By Rixon Lane

With the start of football season less than a week away, everyone is anxious to find out what the 2014 season will hold for the Gamecocks?

Will South Carolina's offensive line live up to its billing as the best in the Spurrier Era? Will Dylan Thompson and the offense be able to replicate the success of last season? Can the Gamecocks finally break through and claim a conference championship? 

We also have some questions about the 2014 season, but they are not quite as pressing.


1. Will Dylan Thompson and Connor Mitch/Perry Orth have a secret handshake?

The Connor Shaw-Dylan Thompson Bromance Dap was a signature moment after every passing touchdown last season. How will Dylan be able to eclipse last year's shake and will he have different daps for different quarterbacks?


2. How many trick shot videos will Patrick Fish and Elliott Fry come up with?

The FishFry combo made waves last season with a pair of trick shot field goal attempts and, with an entire offseason to polish their skills, the bar has been raised. Can the duo come up with another viral sensation or will they, ahem, flounder?


3. Who will emerge as the dance leader of the Gamecock defense?

From D.J. Swearinger's gyrations to Victor Hampton's shake-and-bakin', South Carolina's defense has had someone busting moves in between plays in recent years. Who will step up and take the over as the king of the dance floor?


4. What trick plays will South Carolina unveil this season?

Last year gave us the Wildcat-halfback-slip-pass against Clemson and the reverse-pass-to-the-quarterback versus Wisconsin. Don't be shocked if Florida falls prey to a hook-and-ladder-option play. 


5. How many times will Spurrier and Dabo Swinney jab at each other before the game?

I'm setting the over/under at 3.5. Verbal or physical jabs.