Six Gamecocks with Awesome Superpowers

Mike Davis: Unstoppable Momentum
Superhero Comparison: Juggernaut

Don’t let the hero comparison fool you. Mike Davis may not possess the size or raw strength of the Juggernaut, but they have two things in common. One, they both wear helmets, and two, once either man gets going, they can not stop. When the Juggernaut starts to run, he can rip everything in his path in twain, and while Mike Davis maybe isn’t THAT powerful, the man can break his fair share of tackles, or simply pinball forward off defenders. Combine that with Davis’ speed, and you’ve got yourself a human cannonball.

Gerald Dixon and Gerald Dixon Jr.: Telepathic Shared Consciousness
Superhero Comparison: The Stepford Cuckoos

For those not up on their comics, the Stepford Cuckoos are a trio of telepathic sisters who share a hive-mind, and are strongest when using their psychic powers in tandem. Now imagine two very large, very strong men sharing a defensive line, using their minds to communicate with each other, and exchanging plays without tipping off the offense. They’d be an unstoppable duo, confounding offenses with their innate ability to adjust to any situation, while overwhelming them with their power. The half-brothers could make it happen this season, albeit without the psychic powers.

Pharoh Cooper: Shapeshifting
Superhero Comparison: Mystique

This one’s easy. Cooper already showed his versatility last season, and his ability to make big plays happen. He can fit into any scenario, just as Mystique can transform into any person for any role. Imagine if Cooper were able to shapeshift into opposing players, or even coaches! His athletic ability and skills at multiple positions already make him a chameleon, so this is more than appropriate. 

Dylan Thompson: Perfect Accuracy
Superhero Comparison: Hawkeye

Dylan’s already got the superior arm strength, so naturally, having perfect accuracy would be an obvious compliment. But let’s take this a step further. What if, just like Hawkeye, Dylan had an assortment of “special” weapons? Instead of trick arrows, they’d be trick footballs. One can turn into a rocket when caught, sending the receiver blazing into the endzone. Another one can be turned into a cloaking device, allowing the receiver to slip into the endzone unseen! Maybe there’s a football that can, uh, have a mini nacho platter inside of it! Complete with bold queso dip, spicy homemade salsa, and flavorful steak chorizo, this football is exactly what every player needs to refuel during a play! Man, I’m hungry. Anybody know a good place for Mexican food around here? Wait, I think I still have a couple tamales in the fridge from last night. Sweet!

Skai Moore: Elasticity
Superhero Comparison: Mr. Fantastic

Skai Moore has already found the ability to move all over the field to make plays. The leader in tackles last season for the Gamecocks is no stranger to running around and shutting down the offense, but imagine if he didn’t have to run at all. Moore could patrol every inch of the field just by stretching his arms. He could very well pluck the ball right out of the quarterback’s hands from 20 yards away! You could use him on offense too. Need a hail mary pass to thread the needle? Just have Skai stretch his hands all the way out to the endzone, then drop it right into Shaq Roland’s hands. He could even use his feet to trip up any defender trying to snag an interception. Stretchy Skai Moore, you’re the best!