Gamecock fans impress "Yell Leaders"

By Rixon Lane

There have been plenty of crowds to gather at the South Carolina State House, but few have been more memorable than the group that came in the wee hours of Thursday morning. 

Texas A&M held its first "Midnight Yell" practice of the 2014 season and both Aggie and Gamecock fans poured onto the ground of the state house to take part in the festivities. 

For yell leaders Ben Ritchie, Zachary Lawrence, and Shaquille Gould, the night was an unforgettable experience. 

"It was wild," said Ritchie, a senior. "It was definitely not what we expected. This is one of the biggest away game 'Midnight Yells' we've had. A lot of people came out, there were people out in the street."

Lawrence added that the presence of the Gamecock fans made the atmosphere even more electric. 

"The competition [from the South Carolina fans] made a really energetic atmosphere for this first 'Midnight Yell,' so it was great."

Gould added that "both school have great school pride and we saw that tonight. It was an amazing experience." 

The yell leaders poked fun at the Palmetto State and South Carolina's mascot, among other things, but Lawrence insisted that the ribbing was nothing personal. 

"We all know it's all in good fun."