Hard-Hitting Question

There are plenty of questions surrounding the 2014 South Carolina Gamecocks. 

A change at starting quarterback, the loss of the team's leading wide receiver, a school-record home winning streak looking to be extended.

But maybe the biggest question is this: who is the hardest hitter on the Gamecock defense?

Past candidates like Jadeveon Clowney, D.J. Swearinger, and Victor Hampton are gone, so I asked eight different players to tell me who could claim the title of hardest hitter. 


J.T. Surratt received some votes as the team's hardest-hitter...but he wasn't the winner. 

J.T. Surratt received some votes as the team's hardest-hitter...but he wasn't the winner. 

Darius English, sophomore DE: "That's a tough one...we've got a lot of guys that hit hard. I don't know...I would say J.T. [Surratt]."

Brendan Nosovitch, sophomore QB: "Our linebackers are a hard-hitting crew, so I don't know if I can single one of them out. There's a bunch of hard-hitting linebackers."

Cedrick Cooper, junior DE: "I don't want to single anyone out, but so far...I know Jonathan Walton is a pretty hard hitter. So is J.T. Surratt."

Shon Carson, junior RB: "I'd probably say J.T. Surratt or Jonathan Walton."

Connor Mitch, freshman QB: "That's a tough one to answer...I'd say [Skai Moore] is one of the weakest hitters (Moore was sitting next to Mitch during the interview). No, I'd probably say Jonathan Walton. That kid's a tank. If he makes solid contact, you're definitely going to feel it."

Jonathan Walton, sophomore LB: "I'd say we've just got solid hitters all over. It's hard to say, everybody's bringing it on defense. I just love the enthusiasm. [When told that most players have said he's the hardest hitters] Well, I mean I don't like to talk about myself, but that is my specialty. Hitting."

Damiere Byrd, senior WR: "I don't know. I honestly couldn't tell you because I make sure I avoid everybody. From what I see, we've got plenty of linebackers that can lay the wood. Our defensive ends and tackles punish people a lot, so I wouldn't doubt that it's a close competition."

Kaiwan Lewis, junior LB: "We've got guys like Jonathan Walton and myself, a lot of guys that bring the pain. T.J. Gurley, he brings it, Skai Moore, between all those guys, we bring it."