Obscure NCAA Rules You Didn't Know

In the wake of South Carolina's recent troubles with putting too much icing on a recruiting cookie cake, we here at Gamecock Cereal have scoured the NCAA rule books to search for additional rules that college football programs should be aware of. Here's what we dug up:


Rule 8-4-12: Cupcake Stub Infraction

"No student-athlete may consume only portions of a cupcake. Cupcake (or any handheld dessert) must be consumed in full."


Rule 11-8-3: Improper Coin Toss-age

"Any intercollegiate contest that begins with a coin toss featuring currency that is at least 15 years of age may be played under protest."



Rule 4-1-1-1-1-4: Unnecessary Colorful Undershirt Infraction

"No student-athlete may wear an undershirt during a sanctioned team practice that can be view as directly contrasting with the color of the team's practice uniform."

This rule may wind up costing Marcquis Roberts most of his sophomore season.

Rule 12-10-12: Too "Turnt" Infraction

"The NCAA will not tolerate any overt display of student-athletes or recruits getting 'turnt.'"

Also see: Rule 12-10-13 - "Too 'Crunk' Infraction"


Rule 7-4-9: Swimming Splash Infraction

"No student-athlete may purposely cannonball in the area of other innocent patrons with the intent to splash them with no signs of remorse." 


Rule 19-8-9: Inadequate Dental Positioning

"A student-athlete may no go more than 60 days with a gap of at least 1.5 inches within their teeth."

Cody Gibson is on the hot seat for this one.

Rule 33-34-15: Impermissible Cornrows

"Any student-athlete with a haircut deemed 'absurd' or 'ridiculous' (see Matulis, Mike) may be suspended."


Rule 39-44-43: Milk Misuse 

"A student-athlete may be suspended for consuming cookie cake without milk. An appeal may be granted if a milkshake was substituted."