Gamecock Cereal Trivia: Week 5 (Georgia Edition) w/ Answers

By Rixon Lane

As South Carolina enters this week's matchup against Georgia, we return with a Bulldog edition of Gamecock trivia. 

Quiz your friends over breakfast as you prepare for kickoff at 3:30

Good luck, and cheating!


1. Which Gamecock receiver caught two touchdown passes in last year's game at Georgia?


2. Which Georgia native has caught eight career touchdown passes for the Gamecocks?


3. South Carolina's last safety came against Georgia in 2009. How did it happen?


4. How many fans were at the 2012 South Carolina-Georgia?


5. What is Steve Spurrier's overall head coaching record against the Bulldogs?


6. Stephen Garcia attempted the most passes of his career vs. Georgia in 2009. How many?


7. Which Gamecock tailback has the longest run in school history against the Bulldogs?


8. Georgia was the last team to shut out the Gamecocks. Which year did the game occur?


9. Which Gamecock offensive lineman made his first career start last year against Georgia?


10. The first USC-Georgia meeting when both teams were ranked occurred in which year?



The first Gamecock points in the SEC came in 1992 against Georgia. Who scored them?


 Answers will be posted below!



1) Nick Jones

2) Rory Anderson (Powder Springs, Ga.)

3) An errant snap over the head of Bulldog punter Drew Butler went out of the end zone. 

4) 85,199 (Williams-Brice Stadium record)

5) 15-6

6) 53 (Garcia finished 31-of-53 for 311 yards and two touchdowns)

7) Mike Davis (75-yard run last season)

8) 2006 (Georgia won 18-0)

9) Clayton Stadnik

10) 1959 (16th-ranked South Carolina beat 13th-ranked Georgia 30-14)



Marty Simpson, 21-yard field goal