10 Observations From the USC-UGA Weather Delay

By Rixon Lane


1. South Carolina students do not take instructions well. 

Three times, the PA system has asked fans to leave the stands. Three times, the student section has stood strong.


2. The 2024 game is now destined to be delayed

South Carolina and Georgia went through a weather delay back in 2004. Go ahead and make the necessary plans for the future. 


3. Nothing good comes from afternoon kickoffs in Columbia

It's either 109 degrees with 89% humidity or 97 degrees with 102% humidity and storming. Stick with 7:00. 


4. This weather could be bad news for South Carolina

If the rain continues to come down, the Gamecock passing attack will probably be limited. That means Georgia can load the box against Mike Davis.


5. This weather could be good news for South Carolina

We're past 3:30 and Todd Gurley still doesn't have a single rushing yard.


6. This is way better than last year's season opener against North Carolina

There were lightning strikes right next to the stadium last year. Right now, the lightning is far enough away that it doesn't seem threatening. 


7. Be thankful you're not stuck on the ramps around the stadium

Whole lotta claustrophobia occurring right now. Fans jammed in like sardines as they wait to be allowed to take their seats. 


8. Steve Spurrier will find a way to mess with Georgia

Even if he doesn't beat them, he'll ruin their schedule. Sorry Bulldogs, the Head Ball Coach can be ruthless.


9. East Carolina looks to be way better than everyone thought

Good news for Gamecock fans.


10. We're running out of pie in the press box

 Bad news for me.