This, that and the other: Interesting quotes from USC-UGA

By Avery Wilks

Players and coaches from both sides had plenty to say after South Carolina's upset victory over Georgia Saturday night. Here were a few quotes that stuck out.

USC head coach Steve Spurrier

  • "Some wins are better than others. I think this one was better than most others."
  • "Their kicker, I guess he hadn't missed a field goal in two years or something, 20 in a row and then he missed two tonight. Sometimes, all you can say is it was our turn to win and we were meant to win this game, and Georgia was not. I'm proud of our players."
  • "We feel very fortunate and blessed, and hopefully we can use this as some momentum and start playing a lot better."

USC defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward

  • "We always feed of their (the fans') emotions. I think all those delays all played into it. We have great fans like Dylan said. We just have got to give them a great product on the field."

USC quarterback Dylan Thompson

  • "I'm just so happy we won. All you hear about all week is how great Georgia is, and I just got tired of it. We wanted to come out today and just show what we had, bring our best game to the ballpark. I really don't want to take credit for this. It is much bigger than myself."
  • "I know everyone was probably writing us off after week one, and that's fine. That's completely fine. But we believe in each other, and tonight was a great example of that. We bent, but never broke. I'm proud as heck of our team, the coaches and the staff.
  • "We have the best fans in America; I think everybody knows that. When they missed that field goal, I think that is the loudest it has been in a long time. We love our fans. We know how great they are and we are blessed to have them."

Georgia head coach Mark Richt

  • "I'm sure that was a fun game to watch once it got started, especially if you are a South Carolina fan. Hats off to the South Carolina program and the job they did."