Quick Takeaways From South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt

By Rixon Lane

1. I've never seen Steve Spurrier so upset after a win.

2. The Gamecocks are extremely fortunate that Vanderbilt couldn't recover the football.

3. Whoever's coaching the Gamecock kickoff unit is stealing money from the university.

4. Pharoh Cooper may be the most talented player on South Carolina's roster. 

5. Tyler Hull is having a stellar season. 

6. Never take any road game in the SEC for granted. Ever. 

7. Dylan Thompson quietly played a pretty good football game. Rarely put the ball in danger. 

8. Elliott Fry is one of the best kickers South Carolina has had in a long, long time. 

9. The ability to block kicks has been one of the most impressive aspects of this team.

10. Steve Spurrier will call that roll-out pass on the goal line until the day he dies. 

11. Landon Ard is the nation's most effective ground-ball kicker. 

12. Good things happen when Cedrick Cooper pressures the quarterback. 

13. South Carolina's receivers make the routine plays, but rarely make spectacular plays.

14. The offensive line is winning at the line of scrimmage in the fourth quarters of games.

15. Steve Spurrier has put Dylan Thompson in charge of morale. Left the podium following the game and told the quarterback to "go say something positive."