Future Opponents: Week 4

Missouri 27, Indiana 31
WHAAAAAAAA?! Indiana has come to the rescue for the #B1G Conference, knocking Missouri into the depths of the unranked in a surprisingly heated contest, capped off with an Indiana touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Maty Mauk wept into his sweaty bandana after the game.
Key Player to Watch: Bud Sasser, Wide Receiver

So sassy!

Sasser was one catch away from matching his receiving total from the previous three games combined, stepping up as the consistent target Mauk has needed the past three games. Sasser had 11 catches for 142 yards, but didn't reach the endzone once, which means USC's defense should watch for ol' Sassy Sasser to get his.
Next Game: @ #13 South Carolina, Saturday, 7 pm ET

Kentucky: Inactive
Fun fact: Patrick Towles is getting his Bachelor's in Moonshine, and is doing his internship at a jug factory, where he paints "XXX" on all the ceramic jugs.
Key Player to Watch: Systematic Android Network Diode Energy Rocket Systems (aka S.A.N.D.E.R.S.)

You will never discover the secret of his eleven herbs and spices. NEVER.
Next Game: vs. Vanderbilt, Saturday, Noon ET

Furman 7, South Carolina State 17
Okay, this is turning into one of those things that will make me extra mad if Furman actually scores on USC's defense. Furman is just so not good, you guys.
Player to Watch: Cory Magwood, Linebacker

I have to give some dap to this young man, however. He was the best defensive player on the field for Furman, by far. He racked up seventeen total tackles on the night (10 solo, 7 assist) and for USC's running game to get big plays, they'll have to go through him.
Next Game: vs. Western Carolina, Saturday, 3:30 pm ET

#5 Auburn 20, #25 Kansas State 14
Auburn's running game, which has been the strongest aspect of their offense this year, was relatively neutralized by Kansas State's vaunted defense. Nick Marshall then decided to actually do normal quarterback things, and throw his way to an Auburn victory.
Player to Watch: Nick Marshall, Quarterback

No surprise here. Marshall once again got it done, this time more through the air than the ground, though he still ran ten times for 46 yards. Marshall made D'haquille Williams into his main receiver for the night, finding the junior eight times for 110 yards. The lone weakness in Marshall's game remains his accuracy, as he went 17-for-31, and is completing just 55% of his passes this season. USC's secondary will need to take advantage of his mistakes, something they've struggled to do with virtually every quarterback they've faced this season.
Next Game: vs. Louisiana Tech, Saturday, 4 pm ET

Tennessee: Inactive
The Volunteers spent their bye week actually volunteering, this time at an animal shelter.  Justin Worley was bitten by a shi tzu, while Pig Howard adopted an actual pig.
Player of the Week: This badass fake logo I found

The dog kinda has a face like Scar from The Lion King. See that eyebrow raise? So cool.
Next Game: @ #12 Georgia, Saturday, Noon ET

Florida 21, #3 Alabama 42
Florida actually tied it up 21-21 early in the third quarter. Then Lane Kiffin snapped out of a years-long spell of amnesia and remembered he could be a good offensive coordinator. Also Jeff Driskel only threw for 98 yards and two interceptions, so that didn't help.
Player to Watch: Demarcus Robinson, Wide Receiver

Oops. Well, they have a bye week. Maybe Jeff'll forget about this. He certainly forgot how to throw a football.
Next Game: @ Tennessee, Next Saturday, Time TBD

South Alabama 6, Georgia Southern 28
South Alabama is ranked 128th in the FBS in points. Quarterback Brandon Bridge threw for a staggering 13-for-34 with two interceptions. He had just 4.4 yards per pass. Their kicker missed his only extra point attempt.
Player to Watch: Maleki Harris, Linebacker

Harris was a bright spot for this defense, accruing ten tackles and the team's lone interception. The senior linebacker will provide help in containing USC's run game, but Dylan Dog (or his backup) shouldn't expect much of a challenge from USA's secondary.
Next Game: @ Idaho, Saturday, 5 pm ET

UNRANKED Clemson 17, #1 Florida State 23
Player to Watch: Brahim Takyallah, Man with the World's Largest Feet

Maybe Dabo can trust him to kick a field goal.
Next Game: vs. North Carolina, Saturday, 7 pm ET