College Football Games to Watch: Week 5

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photo by usatsi

Tennessee @ #12 Georgia (Noon ET)
If Georgia gives up a big game to Justin Worley, I'm going to laugh so hard, I'll be crying tears the size of Nick Chubb's biceps. Of course, that likely won't happen, but there's no other good games at Noon exact to watch. Tulane at Rutgers? Don't be gross.

Vanderbilt @ Kentucky (Noon ET)
Ah, the battle of the two teams that are fooling themselves. Vanderbilt thinks they're better than their record shows, and Kentucky thinks they've finally washed that Morgan Newton smell out of the sofa. They're both wrong. You can't Stanley Steemer your problems away, Kentucky!

Photo by USATSI

Maryland @ Indiana (1:30 pm ET)
One of these two Big 10 little brothers who are turning heads with winning records are going to break some hearts today. Maryland's uniforms will be clashing, hideous, yet incredibly intriguing.

#1 Florida State @ North Carolina State (3:30 pm ET)
I actually saw two guys on ESPN try to make the case for NC State beating Florida State. They discussed FSU's poor defense and didn't mention Jameis Winston once, which was actually kind of nice.

Arkansas (N) #6 Texas A&M (3:30 pm ET)
College football returns once again this season to Jerryworld, which means we might get an instance of Jerry Jones watching Kenny Hill and saying the word "Trill". I'm pretty excited for this, you guys.

Texas @ Kansas (4:10 pm ET)
Charlie Strong and his group of well-behaved Longhorns have a hilarious challenge against lowly Kansas, as Texas may have suspended itself right out of a victory. Bold prediction: we'll see this rematch for the Big 12 title. Call me crazy!

Cincinnati @ #22 Ohio State (6 pm ET)
Cincinnati is calling for all its fans to invade OSU and "black out" the Horseshoe, by wearing all black. Urban Meyer is calling for OSU fans to "black out" and forget that Braxton Miller is injured and Ohio State is screwed for the rest of the season.

Duke @ Miami (FL) (7:30 pm ET)
I just think it's funny that Duke, a team that's likely going to compete for the ACC title, isn't even ranked. ACC football, everybody!

photo by usatsi

Washington State @ Utah (8 pm ET)
Two Pac-12 teams, one coming off a huge victory at Michigan, the other a near-victory against Oregon. This should be a very high-spirited contest, though isn't 8 pm a little early for a Pac-12 game? Don't these things usually start around 11:45?

Oregon State @ #18 Southern California (10:30 pm ET)
Ah, now that's a Pac-12 kickoff time! Mark this down as the game you pass out on the couch while watching. Don't worry, NFL Countdown will wake you up. You can't sleep for long with the haunting growls of Chris Berman coming through the speakers.