Tater Lane

By Rixon Lane

Un-doctored photo.

Un-doctored photo.

When I began working for Gamecock Central, I wrote an article about the number of South Carolina quarterbacks who have transferred under Steve Spurrier. Many message board posters disliked the piece and one, working under the assumption that I was trying to undermine the Gamecock football program, brilliantly dubbed me, "Tater Lane." 

So now, each week, I will put on my orange-tinted glasses and take a walk down "Tater Lane" to discover my inner Clemson fan's true feelings about each weekend of college football.

Pick your own ridiculous Dabo quote, there's just too many. Photo by USATSI.

Looks like South Carolina's 0-1 against South Carolina. 

Another year, another example of "South Carolinaing," when a team that is getting way too much praise for no reason whatsoever loses to a vastly inferior football team. It's totally a thing.

I don't understand why Spurrier's so hesitant to name that Mitch kid the starting quarterback. Second-string QBs are pretty awesome!

Heard the Coots are giving out four-year scholarships from now on. Just promotes entitlement and makes kids soft, thinking they won't have to earn it each year. Plus, someone's feelings are gonna get hurt…can you imagine riding the bench for three years at a school, only to find out a few games into your senior year that you're being benched for some hotshot freshman? Only someone as classless as Spurrier would pull a stunt like that. 

On a totally unrelated note, DeShaun Watson has greatness in him. North Carolina's defense clearly does not. 

Typical Coot fans, blowing things out of proportion, saying we've proclaimed Watson the "savior of the program" after one start. Withdrawing the money from my infant child's college fund and using it to buy tickets to the 2016 title game in Glendale just means I'm all in. 

Real Christian-like of Dabo and Chad Morris to keep the score at 50 on Saturday. Good to know we're not like those heathens at East Carolina.

We'll find out what Watson's really made of in a few weeks. Back-to-back-to-back games against Boston College, Syracuse, and Wake Forest? If he can survive that, he can survive anything.

Saw somewhere that the SEC West is undefeated against teams outside its own division. Typical ESPN propaganda. Syracuse hasn't allowed a single point in conference play, but you don't hear anyone talking about that, do you?

Kansas fires Charlie Weiss. Successful offensive coordinator fails miserably as a head coach. You listening, Chad? 

Totally un-doctored photo. Original photo by USATSI.