This, That and the Other: An Island of Misfit Quotes

By Avery Wilks

We're back from another edition of "This, That and the Other," where we finally drop the best of the quotes we never got to use.

Let's get started.

Staff photo by Paul Collins. Steve Spurrier and Steve Spurrier Jr.

Redshirt freshman tailback David Williams (left out of this story).

On not knowing when (or if) he'll get to play Saturday night against ECU:

  • "You really don't know," Williams said. "You've just got to be prepared when they call your name."

Same person, same topic:

  • "I feel good. I've been preparing all week, so I'm just waiting for my chance to do it."

Head coach Steve Spurrier (left out of this story).

On playing David Williams against ECU this Saturday:

  • "David's been here a good solid year and a half and I think he deserves the chance to carry a few, and hopefully we can get some decent blocking for him.

Receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr.  (left out of this story).

On Shaq Roland:

  • "He'll get his shots," Spurrier Jr. said. "He'll get his chances. I like him. He's had a good offseason. He's worked hard. He's earned the opportunity to get his shots."

Redshirt sophomore linebacker T.J. Holloman (left out of this story).

On gaining 15 and becoming more physical over the offseason:

  • "People saying I wasn't as tough as I should be, that kind of drove me. I left that in the back of my head, and the first day that I came out here, I wanted to prove to everyone that I could be physical."

Same person, same topic:

  • "That's what that extra weight was for. I just put on that extra weight to be able to feel comfortable enough to just go in and continue to bang with guys every day, and I'm really enjoying it."

Redshirt senior tight end Cody Gibson (left out of this story).

On Mike Matulis' injury:

  • "He's had some injuries in the past, but I think he's going to persevere through it. He's got the right mentality."