Game Predictions for Week Two of College Football

*Winners in bold

#20 Kansas St. @ Iowa St.
ISU is reeling off a loss to FCS-level North Dakota State. KSU's offensive line is reeling from a barbecue buffet. That Kansas City BBQ, man, it'll sneak up on ya. You'll be asleep a half-hour after finishing your first slab of ribs.

#24 Missouri @ Toledo
This is a trap game deluxe. Toledo has been one of those teams the past couple years that have had a high-powered offense that always gives teams trouble. Also, it's the Rockets versus the Tigers. Rocket beats Tiger every time, dude.

#4 Oklahoma @ Tulsa
Why are so many ranked teams on the road against unranked inferior opponents? Tulsa is gonna get murdered in this meeting of in-state rivals, and they probably paid to host this game.

#14 Southern California @ #13 Stanford
Stanford currently has an 18-game win streak at home, and Southern Cal has a banner that reads "7 DAYS WITHOUT A SUSPENSION"

#7 Michigan St. @ #3 Oregon
I love it when a fun offense goes against a brick wall defense. A battle between two opposites. That being said, Oregon is an actual National Championship contender, while Michigan State is en route to have 9-10 of the most boring wins ever.

Michigan @ #17 Notre Dame
Notre Dame has literally been the only school in the nation that hasn't been able to handle Devin Gardner. How hard could it be? Have you seen the guy play? Pathetic.