How would South Carolina fare against Oregon or Ohio State?

By Rixon Lane

With the national championship just hours away, fans are excitedly waiting to see whether Oregon or Ohio State will be crowned as king of college football.

This means that the fans of the 100+ other FBS teams are watching tonight's game and wondering what could have been for their season.

South Carolina's year certainly didn't go as planned, but we wanted to see how the Gamecocks would fare in tonight's contest. 

Using, we simulated five South Carolina/Oregon games and five South Carolina/Ohio State games. 

Our conclusion? The Gamecocks would fare better against Ohio State...barely.


Vs. Oregon

Average score: Oregon 51 South Carolina 26


Game results:

Oregon 62 South Carolina 17

Ducks break open a 7-7 tie with 31 points in the second quarter. 


Oregon 45 South Carolina 6

Oregon runs for 249 yards, averaging 5.1 yards per carry.


Oregon 50 South Carolina 24

Dylan Thompson throws for 305 yards, but is picked off twice. 


South Carolina 58 Oregon 51 (2OT)

Gamecocks lead 23-3 after one quarter, Thompson throws for 430 yards.


Oregon 47 South Carolina 27

Oregon scores 17 unanswered points in the fourth quarter.


Vs. Ohio State

Average score: Ohio State 48 South Carolina 30


Game results:

South Carolina 40 Ohio State 34

Mike Davis racks up 193 yards on 26 carries. 


Ohio State 45 South Carolina 35

Cardale Jones completes 20 of 24 passes for 265 yards.


Ohio State 38 South Carolina 26

Buckeyes rally from a 16-7 halftime deficit 


Ohio State 69 South Carolina 34

Tailback Ezekiel Elliott runs for 186 yards and three touchdowns.


Ohio State 55 South Carolina 17

Gamecocks allow 434 yards through the air.


Guess the Independence Bowl wasn't such a bad game after all.