Arguing Against the SEC Makes You Look Silly

By Rixon Lane

I get it.

If you live above the Mason-Dixon line or west of the Mississippi, you are probably sick and tired of the three most prevalent letters in college football. 

But let's be intelligent about how we discuss the most discussed conference in college football. 

In light of the conference's struggles during several bowl games this season, one of the most popular augments against the league has been that the SEC's five bowl losses prove that the conference was overrated. With Alabama knocked out of the playoff, the conference finished bowl season with a 7-5 record.

No other league won that many games this bowl season and only the Pac-12, with Oregon playing next Monday in the national championship, has a chance to tie that mark. The ACC, which had the second-most bowl teams in the country this season, went 4-7 in its 11 bowl matches. 

By the way, since some fans love to bring up history when discussing college football, here are some historical numbers.

The SEC has more: bowl appearances (394), bowl wins (220), and teams ranked in the final A.P. poll (305) than any other conference in college football history. Of all the conferences to play in at least 100 bowl games, no league has won a higher percentage than the SEC (57%). No "Power Five" conference has a higher percentage of bowl wins. 

Of course, are bowls really the best way to determine conference superiority? Most of them can come down to which team really wants to be there. Instead, lets look at overall records against other conferences. 

The SEC has a winning record against the following conferences: the ACC, American Athletic, Big 10, Big 12, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West, Pac-12, Southwest, Sun Belt, and WAC. In fact the only league that the SEC has a losing record against in the now defunct Big East. 

No other conference has winning records against every other "Power Five" conference. 

But the most important stat in any sports is, as we all know, championships. National titles should be the way we decide which conference is the best. 

The SEC dominated the BCS era, but let's not limit the discussion to a small sample size. 

The conference with the most national championships in college football is...

...the Ivy League?



Alright, then.

I-V-Y! I-V-Y! I-V-Y!