NFL Gamecock Roundup: Devin Taylor becomes the fall guy

-The year is 2015. 2016 is less than a month away. Yet, here we are, watching NFL refs still blow calls with disturbing regularity. Take the ending to last night's Packers-Lions game, where our man Devin Taylor sacked Aaron Rodgers as the clock hit zero. The Lions were up 23-21 and had seemingly won the contest. Alas, one of Taylor's fingers grazed the facemask of Rodgers, and as Rodgers put on his best acting job, out came the flags. The next play, with the clock at zero, was a hail mary touchdown pass, and the Packers took home the W. 

Taylor maintains innocence, saying he didn't believe he touched Rodger's facemask. Either way, he took the heartbreak in stride. "It's whatever the refs call," Taylor said. "I can't control whatever they decide. I can just play ball, keep going." Perhaps this was to even out Taylor's luck after he had three tackles and two sacks earlier in the night. Oh, how I wish the football gods would let me see DevTay rack up a hat trick of sacks.

-Just a day after 49ers Special Teams coordinator Thomas McGauhey threatened to cut Bruce Ellington if he fumbled another punt (which is a great coaching tactic I recommend to everyone), head coach Jim Tomsula shut that nonsense down. “I hope he didn’t say that,” Tomsula said Thursday at his media briefing. “That would be ... I would not want him to have said that. I’m sure he didn’t say it like that.”

Okay, maybe "shut it down" isn't the right choice of words. More like "seemed generally opposed to that I guess". My favorite part of the quote is Tomsula dismissing the idea that a coach could ever have threatened a player's job. No, surely he didn't say that. That sounds so mean. Gosh I hope he didn't say that. Regardless, this is good news for Ellington's career, and his future with the team, at least until Tomsula is fired at the end of the year.

-The Minnesota Vikings are one of the least impressive 8-3 teams in the league. They've been outgained by opponents 3,675 yards to 3,665 this season, and their stats indicate a record closer to 6-5 or 5-6. Yet, as Captain Munnerlyn is quick to remind up, stats don't matter as much as wins. "It just shows you that stats don't mean anything," Munnerlyn said. "If you can win games, it really doesn't mean anything." Good to know I'll never have to pay attention to stats again.

Let's get to the schedule for Week 13, shall we?

Sunday at 1:00 pm ET
New York Jets at New York Giants
-Antonio Allen, S, Jets (IR)
-Jasper Brinkley, LB, Giants

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns
-T.J. Johnson, OL, Bengals
-Connor Shaw, QB, Browns
-Ronald Patrick, G, Browns

Houston Texans at Buffalo Bills
-Jadeveon Clowney, DE/LB, Texans
-Johnathan Joseph, CB, Texans
-Stephon Gilmore, CB, Bills

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
-Patrick DiMarco, FB, Falcons

San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears
-Bruce Ellington, KR/WR, 49ers
-Mike Davis, RB, 49ers
-Dylan Thompson, QB, 49ers
-Busta Anderson, TE, 49ers
-Alshon Jeffery, WR, Bears

Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings
-Lemuel Jeanpierre, C, Seahawks
-Captain Munnerlyn, CB, Vikings

Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans
-A.J. Cann, G, Jaguars
-Ryan Succop, K, Titans
-Jamon Meredith, T, Titans

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams
-Jared Cook, TE, Rams
-Justice Cunningham, TE, Rams

Sunday at 4:05 pm ET
Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers
-Melvin Ingram, LB, Chargers
-Darian Stewart, S, Broncos

Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders

Sunday at 4:25 pm ET
Philadelphia Eagles at New England Patriots

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints
-Damiere Byrd, WR, Panthers (Practice Squad)

Sunday at 8:30 pm ET
Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers
-Clifton Geathers, DE, Steelers (IR)

Monday at 8:30pm ET
Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins
-Chris Culliver, CB, Redskins (IR)

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Player Team Pos. #
Antonio Allen+ New York Jets S 48
Rory Anderson+ San Francisco 49ers TE 48
Jasper Brinkley New York Giants LB 54
Damiere Byrd* Carolina Panthers WR 70
A.J. Cann Jacksonville Jaguars G 60
Jadeveon Clowney Houston Texans OLB 90
Jared Cook St. Louis Rams TE 89
Chris Culliver+ Washington Redskins S 29
Justice Cunningham St. Louis Rams TE/FB 4
Mike Davis San Francisco 49ers RB 20
Patrick DiMarco Atlanta Falcons FB 42
Bruce Ellington San Francisco 49ers WR 10
Clifton Geathers+ Pittsburgh Steelers DE 98
Stephon Gilmore Buffalo Bills CB 24
Melvin Ingram San Diego Chargers OLB 54
Lemuel Jeanpierre Seattle Seahawks OL 61
Alshon Jeffery Chicago Bears WR 17
T.J. Johnson Cincinnati Bengals C 60
Johnathan Joseph Houston Texans CB 24
Jamon Meredith Tennessee Titans OT 79
Captain Munnerlyn Minnesota Vikings CB 24
Ronald Patrick Cleveland Browns OL 70
Corey Robinson Detroit Lions OT 70
Connor Shaw+ Cleveland Browns QB 9
Darian Stewart Denver Broncos S 26
Ryan Succop Tennessee Titans K 4
Devin Taylor Detroit Lions DE 98
Dylan Thompson San Francisco 49ers QB 13