Anagrams for Every South Carolina Coach

By Rixon Lane

You may have learned yesterday from comedian and HBO host John Oliver that Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney's name anagrams to "Soybean Wind."

The internet, as you might expect, had quite a bit of fun at Coach Swinney's expense. 

While nothing will top #SoybeanWind, here are anagrams for every coach at the University of South Carolina. 


Ray Tanner (AD) - Ranter Nay

Erika Goodwin (cheerleading) - Wordage I Oink

Chad Holbrook (baseball) - Hack Hobo Lord

Frank Martin (basketball) - Farm Ant Rink

Dawn Staley (basketball) - A Sandy Welt

Boo Major (equestrian) - Boar Mojo

Steve Spurrier (football) - Preserve I Rust

Bill McDonald (golf) - Old Blind Clam

Kalen Harris (golf) - Linear Shark

Moritz Moritz (sand volleyball) - Trim Zit Mr Zoo

Mark Berson (soccer) - Ram Bonkers

Shelley Smith (soccer) - He Hits Smelly

Beverly Smith (softball) - Very Thimbles

McGee Moody (swimming) - Me Go Comedy

Todd Sherritt (diving) - Troth Did Rest

Josh Goffi (tennis) - Fish of Jog

Kevin Epley (tennis) - Evil Key Pen

Curtis Frye (track & field) - Crusty Fire

Scott Swanson (volleyball) - Cats Snot Snow