Carolina vs. Carolina: Tale of the Tape

By Rixon Lane

For the second consecutive season, South Carolina and North Carolina will meet in the Sweet Sixteen.

With a trip to the Elite Eight on the line, let's take a look at the matchup:

Oh, you thought we meant the teams? We had something different in mind.


South Carolina                                          North Carolina

  May 23rd, 1788               Admitted to the Union             November 21, 1789

  43rd                     Economic Ranking                           17th

    Milk                     State Beverage                                 Milk

       7.00%                   Maximum Income Tax                      7.75%

    Milk                     State Beverage                                 Milk

          Vanna White                     TV Personality                                 Howard Cosell

       47                         State Parks                                    27

       2      College Football Teams Put on Probation         3

         N/A              Last WNBA 1st-Round Pick                 2008

                         Peach                         State Fruit                        Scuppernong Grape