New Feature Coming: Matchup Monday

By Rixon Lane

The spring game has come and gone and Gamecock football fans are now stuck waiting for August and real football to return to their lives.

In the meantime, we here at Cereal have come up with something that we think may help the time pass a little quicker.

We're calling it "Matchup Monday."


I. The Gist

Everyone love to argue over who's better. Brady vs. Montana. Coke vs. Pepsi. Boxers vs. Briefs. Well, Matchup Monday will serve to settle those disputes when it comes to South Carolina football.

Each Monday, we will break down a matchup of two Gamecocks who played the same position during their time at South Carolina. We'll give the arguments for each player and decide on a winner. 


II. How You Can Get Involved

Every matchup will be posted on both of the Gamecock Central message boards on Friday. This will give you an entire weekend to state your cases for either player. The arguments will be taken into consideration for the final verdict.

Additionally, you can suggest matchups you would like to see, either on the message boards or on Twitter by tweeting to @RixonLane using #MatchupMonday. The only requirements are that the two players you suggest must have played the same position. 


The first matchup announcement will be posted on the message boards Friday and the first piece will be published here on Gamecock Cereal next Monday!