Know Your Walk-Ons

By Rixon Lane

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen!

With football season slowly creeping towards us, it's time to play everyone's favorite off-season game!


The rules are simple. We will list five players below and tidbits about each one of them. All you have to do is figure out which statements go with which player. As always, there is no visiting the school's athletic site, no looking at media guides, and no Googling allowed. Answers can be found at the bottom of the page.

Good luck!


The Contestants:

1) Rivers Bedenbaugh

2) Nathan Dirksen

3) Jakob Huechtker

4) Sean Kelly

5) Reubyn Walker


The Information:

A) Played in the 2011 Shrine Bowl

B) Made up name and does not actually play for South Carolina

C) Was on his high school's tennis team

D) Turned down scholarship offers from The Citadel, Newberry, and Wingate

E) Played for in-state school before coming to South Carolina

F) Was awarded a scholarship after his first season at Florida Atlantic

G) Given name is William

H) Played in three state championships in high school

I) Has 33 career punts of over 50 yards

J) Former team's second-leading tackler in 2013

K) Second team All-Conference selection in 2013

L) Posted this Facebook comment on a Jadeveon Clowney video in February of 2014

M) Former offensive lineman at Georgia Southern

The Answers: 

1) - D, G, M

2) - B

3) - C, H, L

4) - F, I, K

5) - A, E, J