NFL Gamecock Roundup: Here's the Beef

-It's official, Bruce Ellington and Jerryd Hayne are for-real rivals. Australia's Daily Telegraph paints Bruce Ellington as the villain, jealous of Haynemania running wild. In truth, though, Ellington's quotes could be read in a certain way.

"Like after last Friday’s final pre-season game against San Diego. When, with a mass of journalists encircling Hayne at his locker, Ellington sat just outside the crush and cackled: 'Hey, I’m here ... I’m here too, you know'."

Having their lockers right next to each other probably doesn't help. I get wanting to instill some healthy competition, but if you're going to keep them on the same team, you need to make sure they both realize they'll have value and a role on the team.

-Captain Munnerlyn spoke honestly about his down year in his debut season with the Minnesota Vikings. Now, as he moves to Nickel back, he reflected on his first season with no excuses.

"Every athlete goes through a year [like] I had. I didn't have the best year, I came out and said that several times. But it wasn't the worst year - it could have been worse. I made a couple plays here and there but the old Captain Munnerlyn is still in there and I'm ready to show it this Monday night."

It's always good to see a veteran like Munnerlyn both admit to his worse play but also make genuine strides and earn a starting spot on a team. Good for Cap.

Photo courtesy of USATSI

-Darian Stewart is more vengeful about redeeming himself. After the Baltimore Ravens declined to resign him, Stewart will now start for the Denver Broncos in their opener against Baltimore. Stewart was refreshingly honest, but also totally pissed.

"'I ain't going to say it's not personal,' Stewart said. 'But I just want to win. It's a business league. I want to help these boys get to the "ship."'"

"I ain't going to say it's not personal" literally means "I'm going to say it's personal." So yeah, that's pretty baller. Good for Darian. People don't seem to realize that in sports, things can be both business and personal at the same time. When work takes up so much of a person's life, how could it not blend the two together?

Player Team Pos. #
Antonio Allen+ New York Jets S 48
Rory Anderson+ San Francisco 49ers TE 48
Jasper Brinkley New York Giants LB 54
Damiere Byrd* Carolina Panthers WR 18
A.J. Cann Jacksonville Jaguars G 60
Jadeveon Clowney Houston Texans OLB 90
Jared Cook St. Louis Rams TE 89
Chris Culliver Washington Redskins S 29
Justice Cunningham* St. Louis Rams TE/FB 4
Mike Davis San Francisco 49ers RB 20
Patrick DiMarco Atlanta Falcons FB 42
Bruce Ellington San Francisco 49ers WR 10
Clifton Geathers+ Pittsburgh Steelers DE 98
Stephon Gilmore Buffalo Bills CB 24
Melvin Ingram San Diego Chargers OLB 54
Alshon Jeffery+ Chicago Bears WR 17
T.J. Johnson Cincinnati Bengals C 60
Johnathan Joseph Houston Texans CB 24
Jamon Meredith Tennessee Titans OT 79
Captain Munnerlyn Minnesota Vikings CB 24
Corey Robinson Detroit Lions OT 70
Connor Shaw+ Cleveland Browns QB 9
Darian Stewart Denver Broncos S 26
Ryan Succop Tennessee Titans K 4
D.J. Swearinger Tampa Bay Buccaneers S 36
Devin Taylor Detroit Lions DE 98
Dylan Thompson* San Francisco 49ers QB 13