Four hours and peanuts: How coaches handle recruiting

Away we go. The recruiting dead period is over and coaches have less than four weeks to finalize their recruiting class for next season.

Long story short, it’s go time.

And it has been go time for Muschamp and his staff since he took over Dec. 7. He and his staff hit the recruiting trail almost immediately, trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible before the dead period kicked in mid-December.

Muschamp was in three states in one day and his defensive coordinator Travaris Robinson was by his side. Kurt Roper, Muschamp’s offensive coordinator, was on the recruiting trail while he was still employed by the Cleveland Browns.

And now that the recruiting dead period is over, it’ll be state after state, visit after visit. Oh, and quick power naps.

“You (sleep) as quick as you can for sure, but you’re attached to a telephone this time of the year,” Roper said.

Attached to a phone or not, Robinson seemingly needs to just stand still with his eyes closed for a few minutes and he’ll be good to go.

“All I need is four hours,” Robinson said, laughing. “You get me four hours and I’ll be fine.”

When coaches are building a team, nights can run long and pizza can get old quick. Luckily, they have a secret go-to snack.

“You know, they throw a couple peanuts under the staff room door every hour or so,” special teams and linebacker coach Coleman Hutzler joked.

So a four-hour sleep cycle while feeding off hourly peanuts.

Seems to be working so far.

It’s been roughly 40 days since Muschamp took over and there have been 18 total #SpursUp. That equates to a Spurs Up tweet almost every other day. Most of those? Recruiting lands for the new staff.

Muschamp warned of this in his introductory press conference, saying if you can’t recruit, you won’t be on his staff. And it’s proven true.

The Gamecocks have six early enrollees this semester: receiver Bryan Edwards, running back C.J. Freeman, defensive end Keir Thomas, quarterback Brandon McIlwain cornerback Chris Smith and most recently defensive tackle Kobe Smith.

It seems like Muschamp left his introductory press conference, hopped on a plane and hasn’t stayed in the same place more than a few hours.

He’s lived up to that employment requirement, hiring only those dedicated to recruiting. And with National Signing Day looming, seems like sleepless nights and peanut binges are inevitable with the heavy emphasis on recruiting.

“Everybody talks it, but everybody doesn’t live it,” Roper said. “Coach Muschamp lives it.”